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Ultraviolet (UV-C) pool water treatment

By choosing UV-C treatment, you are opting for bathing comfort and impeccable water quality

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For more than 20 years, BIO-UV Group has been developing and marketing chlorine-free water treatment systems based on Type C ultraviolet disinfection technology.

To date, more than 150,000 private pools and spas in Europe are equipped with our systems.

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Operation of the UV water pool treatment system

During the filtration cycle, the water circulates inside the BIO-UV reactor. Bacteria, viruses and algae, subjected to UV-C radiation are inactivated without the addition of harmful by-products or chlorine.

To perfect the disinfection, the injection of BIO-UV Remanent Oxygen (exclusive product) makes the water completely disinfectant.


Advantages of ultraviolet pool water treatment

  • Chlorine-free, crystal clear and odorless water

    • No chlorine, no salt: no chemical residue.
    • No more irritated eyes and mucous membranes, dry skin and damaged hair.
    • No unpleasant odors in the water or air.
  • Incomparable bathing comfort

    • No risk of allergy, or respiratory infections related to chlorine (asthma, etc.).
    • A water quality preserved from any risk of contamination by microorganisms.
    • No harmful chemicals.
  • A reliable and economical system

    • Non-corrosive treatment, compatible with all types of coatings and materials…
    • No discolouration with an extended installation life.
    • No overconsumption of chemicals to catch up with its water.
    • A UV lamp life up to 13000 hours, or 3 years for a pool with seasonal use.
O'Clear water treatment system

Discover our ultraviolet pool water treatment systems

BIO-UV range

For a full range of automatic UV treatment for private swimming pools

Complementary products (exclusive BIO-UV formulation)

Find here the different BIO-UV complementary products for your pool

  • BIO-UV CHoc+

    BIO-UV Choc+

    BIO-UV Choc+
    BIO-UV CHoc+
    • BIO-UV Choc+ is a powerful oxidizer based on hydrogen peroxide, bactericide, virucide and algicide. It is compatible with all water treatments and respects the environment and bathers.
    • Dosing: 2 liters / 10 m³ to be poured directly into the pool in front of the discharges, filtration on. Product without chlorine.
  • BIO-UV Clear

    BIO-UV Clear

    BIO-UV Clear
    BIO-UV Clear
    • BIO-UV Clear is a 100% natural polymer made from crab shell (derived from Chitin). It gathers in neutral flakes, floatable, retained by the filter, grease and all particles in suspension (pollen, algae …). Compatible with all disinfectants and all filters.
    • Tips for use:
      BIO-UV Clear is a maintenance and prevention product. At the beginning of the season or when filling the pool, spread on the surface of the water 100 ml (6 doses) / 50m3. In maintenance dose: 4 doses / 50m3; 8 doses / 100m3. In curative dose: 1/3 of the can / 50 m3 in the case of very cloudy water.
  • BIO-UV Winter

    BIO-UV Winter

    BIO-UV Winter
    BIO-UV Winter
    • BIO-UV Winter is an algaecide and lime sequestering product (limits deposits). It keeps water clear and clean during winter.
    • Directions for use:
      When the water temperature is below 15 ° C, add the necessary dose (5 liters / 50m³) to the pool, in front of the outlets, filtration on, 48 to 72 hours after having given a shock dose of BIOUV Choc + ( 1 liter / 10 m³), ​​then winter the pool and stop any other addition of product, adjust the filtration 3 hours a day at the end of the night.
  • BIO-UV Clean filter

    BIO-UV Clean filter

    BIO-UV Clean filter
    BIO-UV Clean filter
    • BIO-UV Filter clean is a descaling cleaner that removes dirt and residue found in sand filters and deep cleans cartridge, sand or diatomaceous earth filters.
    • It is strongly recommended to perform this cleaning operation at least every year. The product must remain in contact 24 h to obtain a good result.
    • For advice on use and dilution, consult the restart protocol available in the technical documentation.
  • BIO-UV Anti-limescale

    BIO-UV Anti-limescale

    BIO-UV Anti-limescale
    BIO-UV Anti-limescale
    • It is advisable to use BIO-UV Anti-Limescale either at start-up (ideal) or after clarification (flocculation). Turn on the filtration and pour slowly at the discharge nozzles.
    • For a pool of 100m3 of water, put 5L of anti-limescale if the hardness
  • BIO-UV TAC plus

    BIO-UV TAC plus

    BIO-UV TAC plus
    BIO-UV TAC plus
    • BIO-UV TAC plus increases the alkalinity of water when the pH of the water is unstable (e.g. low mineralized water).
    • Dosing: 170g/10m3 to increase the TAC by 1°F.
  • BIO-UV Boost

    BIO-UV Boost

    BIO-UV Boost
    BIO-UV Boost
    • BIO-UV Boost is an exclusive product particularly recommended with BIO-UV treatment for starting your pool.
    • Disperse on the surface of the pool, 1Kg of BIO-UV Boost for 50m3 of water, filtration on.
  • BIO-UV Special Algaecide

    BIO-UV Special Algaecide

    BIO-UV Special Algaecide
    BIO-UV Special Algaecide
    • BIO-UV Algicide Special is a highly concentrated anti-algae product, active particularly on wall algae and compatible with all treatments.
    • Dosage: 1 liter / 10 m³.
    • Do not forget to adjust the pH between 7 and 7.4.
  • BIO-UV Remanent Oxygen

    BIO-UV Persistent oxygen (10L/20L)

    BIO-UV Persistent oxygen (10L/20L)
    BIO-UV Remanent Oxygen

    BIO-UV oxygen remanent, exclusive formula

    • Exclusive chlorine-free product
    • Automatic injection by the BIO-UV Tempo dosing pump or the Combipool, depending on pool volume and water temperature
    • Injection protocol available in the manual of the BIO-UV or DELTA device.

    Packaging: 10 or 20 liter canister

  • BIO-UV pH minus

    BIO-UV pH Minus

    BIO-UV pH Minus
    BIO-UV pH minus
    • BIO-UV pH minus allows to lower the pH of swimming pool water.
    • It can be used alone or in automatic regulation with the BIO-UV pH regulator.
    • Dosage :
    pH initial 7,7 7,9 8,1 8,2 8,4 8,6
    pH minus (litres) 0,6 1,2 1,8 2,4 3,0 3,6
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