Residential pools and spas

Pool water disinfection solutions with ultraviolets, Ozone, salt electrolysis or a combination of ultraviolet and salt electrolysis (O’Clear)

Choose a chemical free solution

Our different water treatment equipment (UV-C, Ozone and salt electrolysis) guarantee well-being and bathing comfort by reducing irritation.

These are ecological and automatic processes that do not require the addition of any chemical products to your pool.

Discover our water treatment solutions for your pool



Automatic water treatment with O'Clear®

Innovative concept of water disinfection for private pools and spas
water disinfection

Ultraviolet (UV-C) pool water treatment

By choosing UV-C treatment, you are opting for bathing comfort and impeccable water quality
Ozone water disinfection

Ozone water treatment for pools

For an effective and very economical water disinfection
Automatic water treatment for private pools by salt electrolysis

Automatic water treatment for private pools by salt electrolysis

For an always balanced salt pool without chemicals
heat pump

Heating swimming pool water with heat pumps

Enjoy your pool longer with a heat pump

Safe and natural swimming

No harmful products used, no risks for health or the environment.

A reliable and economical system

No over consumption or overdose of non-corrosive treatment chemicals.

Easy maintenance

No specific work to be planned, the systems adapt to any type of pools. Simple and fast maintenance!

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