Automatic water treatment with O'Clear®

Innovative concept of water disinfection for private pools and spas

BIO-UV Group has developed a new and innovative concept combining the two of the best water treatment technologies on the market: ultraviolet light and salt electrolysis.

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Discover the new O’Clear® system for healthier swimming:

BIO-UV UV treatment

O’Clear® : finally something new in pool water treatment!

In 2021, BIO-UV Group has launched O’Clear®, a unique water treatment system that guarantees a perfectly disinfected pool without the addition of chemicals!

traitement de l’eau par ultraviolets et sel

The principle of water treatment by ultraviolet and salt

The water circulates inside a reactor where the UV-C, associated with O’Clear’s exclusive electrodes, eradicates all micro-organisms and thus ensures a flawless remanence with only 0.5g/liter of salt.

O’Clear® operating diagram

The advantages of the O’Clear® concept for your pool


BIO-UV range

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