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Chloramine destruction in collective and semi-collective pools and spas: 100% “Made in Europe” technologies

In most countries, chlorine is mandatory for disinfecting collective pools and spas. But chlorine generates chloramines created during the contact between chlorine and organic matter brought by bathers. Harmful for users and the body, these chloramines are responsible for respiratory infections and eye irritations.

To eliminate this problem, BIO-UV Group have developed specific ranges of treatment by UV-C, Ozone and AOP for the disinfection and dechloramination of collective pools and spas.


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Automatic water treatment of collective swimming pools by UV-C

For a better quality of bathing water
pool hotel AOP treatment

Automatic water treatment of collective swimming pools by Ozone

Clean & clear water using nature's disinfectant

Water treatment for collective pools by AOP

An innovative process combining the disinfection and oxidation properties of Ozone, UV and Hydroxyl radicals
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