Imagine and design new UV disinfection solutions

Research and development

Research and development are key elements of BIO-UV Group's development strategy

BIO-UV Group, an innovative company for more than 20 years

Since its creation in 2000, BIO-UV Group has always developed innovative solutions and systems:
a chemical free solution.
chloramine destruction for commercial pools.
the concept of legionella prevention in air-cooling towers or domestic hot water systems.
the treatment of ship ballast water.
➠ or the disinfection of surfaces….

Our R&D teams, located in Lunel (for ultraviolet) and Glasgow (for Ozone and AOP), are continually developing and improving our range of reactors

To meet the multiple challenges of water and surface treatment, BIO-UV Group relies on its own Design Office, bringing together a pool of talented engineers and experts in their field.

Their missions :
• identify and develop new scientific, technical and technological skills.
• create new products and solutions for our customers in water and surface treatment.

Computer aided design and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) are key assets, mastered and part of the engineering team’s daily work in creating new product ranges.

13M € have already been invested in recent years in “Research & Development” for a continued commitment

Our project partners

In order to respond to specific projects and develop appropriate solutions, BIO-UV Group maintains ongoing partnerships with universities, laboratories and research centres.

Aqua-Valley Water Center

BIO-UV Group is a partner member of the Pôle Eau Aqua-Valley, a world-class competitiveness cluster based in Montpellier and bringing together players in the water sector in Occitania. This organisation assists its members in the different stages of their innovation project, by giving them the benefit of the support of the large network of players and the positioning of this cluster.

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