Ballast water

BIO-SEA offers a complete range of Ballast water treatment solutions combining mechanical filtration and UV-C treatment

What is a ship’s ballast tank ?

A ballast tank is a large water tank designed to be filled with sea water to optimise navigation, and provide stability for a vessel.

Ballast water treatment

When ballast water is pumped into a ship, microorganisms are discharged into the ballast tanks. Many of these organisms can survive in these tanks and when the ballast water is discharged, the organisms are released into new environments. Under favorable conditions, these species survive, reproduce, and become marine invasive species.

The loading and unloading of untreated ballast water thus poses a significant threat to the environment, public health and the economy.


A wide range of solutions for effective ballast water treatment


traitement uv des eaux de ballast

BIO-SEA solutions for ballast water treatment

Mechanical filtration and UV-C treatment in one compact and cost effective unit
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