traitement uv des eaux de ballast

BIO-SEA solutions for ballast water treatment

Mechanical filtration and UV-C treatment in one compact and cost effective unit

BIO-UV Group has designed the BIO-SEA BWT systems to be chemical-free and certified by the IMO and USCG

All-in-one automated solution in one automated unit

  • Filtration technology

    The system filters and separates the water entering the ballast tanks by using a filter-sieve to reduce the number of suspended particles, organic (or not), present in the sea water.

  • UV disinfection process

    The UV treatment inactivates microorganisms present in the water. Passing through UV reactors, the water is disinfected as the UV light destroys the DNA of microorganisms without any added chemicals.

  • Automatic system

    Automatic operation and control: all ballast water treatment operations are automated through sensors.

ballast water - offshore supply

BIO-SEA B – Standard range

From100 to 500 m³/h available in modular & skid

BIO-SEA M - Multi-lamp range

Flowrate >500m³/h, available in skid & modular

BIO-SEA L - Low Flow range

Flowrate < 100m³/h, available in skid, modular & split-skid

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