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Our references

Discover the clients who have trusted us for over 20 years!

Thanks to our experience, our services and our varied and adapted offer, our customers benefit from effective disinfection solutions that meet their needs.

Discover some of our clients :

1. Private Pool and Spa

water treatment with ozone

A partner of BIO-UV Group for many years, Matthieu Scanzi, founder of the Scanzi Piscines and “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in 2019, is convinced of the effectiveness of BIO-UV systems. He offers future pool owners the alternative UV treatment to chlorine to disinfect their pool water. He considers our products “different, environmentally friendly and material friendly.”

2. Collective pools and spas, water parks

Shanghai Oriental Sports Centre, China

BIO-UV installations ensure unparalleled water quality and a purification system designed according to the latest quality and regulatory standards in water treatment.
More than 5,000 BIO-UV products installed worldwide:
– Gold’s Gym Fitness Center in Yerevan (Armenia)
– Yale University (United States)
– Peterland Aquatic Center in Saint Petersburg (Russia)
– Dubaï Emirates Towers (Dubaï)

In France, more than 2000 dechloraminators are installed in public swimming pools in Grandvilliers, Martigues, Aubenas, Limoux, Montpellier, Bordeaux…

3. Aquariums, ocean parks and zoos

water treatment-aquarium

More than 1200 aquaculture ponds and aquariums are equipped in France and worldwide with BIO-UV products.

4. Aquaculture, fish farming, ornamental ponds


BIO-UV Group provides an effective water treatment system using UV-C lamps specifically designed to make the water clearer and maintain the biological balance of ponds.

5. Drinking water


Ultraviolet water treatment is a disinfection solution that provides a balance between quality, economy and environmental protection. This process complies with the French Ministry of Health Directive in terms of bacteriological quality.

More than 1500 municipalities (Mulhouse, Annecy, Chambéry…) and companies (Atlantic Shipyards) have already chosen our product range.

6. Industrial water

uv treatment of industrial water

More than fifty industrial companies use BIO-UV Group solutions for the treatment and sanitation of their wastewater.

Some of our references: Coca Cola, Axens, Yoplait, Technoalpin, St Jean, Bonduelle, Nestlé, Solvay, Valmorin, BASF, CEA Cadarache, AREVA…

7. The reuse of treated wastewater (REUSE)

After treatment in a wastewater treatment plant, the wastewater will undergo further purification by UV treatment. This re-treated wastewater can then be used for other purposes such as watering green areas or irrigating crops.

arrosage blé irrigation

They already trust us: the wastewater treatment plants
of Bonifacio and Spérone.

8. Ballast water

MSC_Meraviglia-ballast water

BIO-SEA offers shipyards and shipowners a treatment system based on UV filtration and disinfection without any chemical process.

ballast water ship

They have trusted us for many years: MSC Cruises, RCCL, La Marine Française, DAMEN Group, RH MARINE Group…

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