Water treatment for collective pools by AOP

An innovative process combining the disinfection and oxidation properties of Ozone, UV and Hydroxyl radicals

What is AOP (advanced oxidation process) ?

Triogen® AOP technology is a water treatment process that combines Ozone and Medium Pressure Ultraviolet Light (MP-UV). The destruction of residual Ozone with UV light forms hydroxyl (OH-) radicals which are highly reactive and hence extremely short lived – leaving no chemical residual whatsoever. The combined power of Ozone, MP-UV, and OH- radicals provides triple-action treatment for hard to remove contaminants such as Chloramines and other residual nasties commonly found in public pool water, keeping your water cleaner and clearer than ever.

This best-in-class technology harnesses the benefits of UV, Ozone, and Hydroxyl radicals for the highest pool water quality and clarity, in a plug-and-play system that removes the need for separate deozonation.

The triogen® AOP is the result of 30 years of experience in water treatment – now updated for the 21st Century with MP-UV, new HMI, and simpler service and maintenance

pool water treatment by AOP

The benefits of AOP Clear

  • Unparalleled and rapid removal of organic and inorganic pollutants not removed by Ozone or UV alone.
  • Combines the benefits of Ozone, UV, and Hydroxyl radicals to provide the highest quality and clarity of water.
  • Offers safe lowering of free chlorine residual through the inactivation of chlorine resistant organisms.
  • The UV light will photochemically destroy any residual ozone in the water, removing the need for deozonation equipment.
  • Reduction of Chloramines and Trihalomethane levels, reducing irritation of skin, eyes, and respiratory system.
  • Designed for maximum operator and bather safety .

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