Ozone water disinfection

Ozone water treatment for pools

For an effective and very economical water disinfection

The principle of Ozone for water disinfection

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas in the earth’s atmosphere. This highly active form of oxygen (O3) is hundred of times more powerful and effective than chemical treatments such as chlorine. Ozone oxidizes urea and ammonia, responsible for the production of chloramines, as well as chloramines already present in the pool. This reduction in precursors also leads to reductions in trihalomethane (THMs) levels, the best known representative of which is chloroform.

Generated on site, Ozone dissolves in the water, eliminating all bacteria and viruses, leaving the water perfectly clear and bright, without bad odour or taste. All BIO-UV Group Ozone systems operate completely under vacuum, eliminating risk of gas leakage.

Hundreds of times more powerful and effective than chemical treatments such as chlorine, our Ozone purification systems for pools are easy to install and maintain for superior water quality!

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Main characteristics of Ozone water treatment

• Complies with the European regulation on Ozone biocides.
• Ozone generated and safely injected under vacuum.
• Air-cooled system.
• CE certified, manufactured according to ISO 9001: 2015.

water treatment with ozone

Benefits of using Ozone for water disinfection in private pools and spas

• Considerable improvement in water transparency.
• Reduced skin and eye irritation.
• Reduced THM levels.
• Inhibits algae growth.
• Saves energy and water consumption.
• Easy to install with minimal space requirements.

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