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Testimony of Matthieu Scanzi - Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2019

Field of activity Residential pools and spas
Localité Moussac

Treating pool water effectively, naturally and without chlorine, is that possible? Yes, thanks to ultraviolet light! If the treatment by UV-C is currently less widespread than the treatment with chlorine, this one starts to be democratized. At least that’s what Matthieu Scanzi, founder of the company Scanzi Piscines in the Gard, elected Best Worker of France in 2019, thinks!

Since 2009, his company has been assisting individuals with their pool construction or renovation projects. A BIO-UV Group partner for many years, Matthieu Scanzi is convinced of the effectiveness of BIO-UV systems and offers future pool owners the UV treatment alternative to chlorine to disinfect their pool water. Products that he considers different, respectful of the environment and materials, in line with the image of BIO-UV Group.


For Scanzi Pools, the main advantage is to be able to install a automatic chlorine-free treatment system, which respects the environment, and which is also compatible with any type of filtration and pool lining.
It is a more ecological treatment, more natural since it is chlorine-free, more respectful of the environment and of the pool materials. The discharge water is non-polluting. I often tell my clients that they can water their garden with water from a UV-treated pool. This is a major argument in our region where we regularly experience in summer episodes of severe drought or even water restrictions“.
The UV treatment is also very comfortable, both by the automation of the operation (the BIO-UV system acts alone without any intervention) and by the comfort of swimming, continues Matthieu Scanzi. The water is softer, it does not irritate the eyes or the skin, does not give off any odor. We have a natural feeling.”

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