BIO-UV tempo

Fully automated, the BIO-UV Tempo controls the hardness of the daily remanent injections according to the water temperature


Box 240 x 190 x 140 mm: can be hung and unhung at will from the collar,
Power supply : 230V/50Hz
Power : 8W max
Protection class: IP54
Dosing pump output: 1,4liter/hour
Output pressure of the dosing pump : 1,0 bar
Temperature sensor input
High luminosity display

The main advantages of the Tempo BIO-UV dosing pump

Simplicity : The BIO-UV Tempo allows to adjust, without manipulation, the injection of remanent oxygen according to the water temperature and the volume…
Economy : The BIO-UV Tempo injects, according to the parameters of the pool (volume and temperature), the optimal quantity of product ….
Easy to install : All the accessories necessary for the installation are supplied with the device. BIO-UV Tempo is easily integrated into the pool’s filtration circuit

The BIO-UV TEMPO pump offers you all the qualities of a dosing pump in a small size. Simple to use, it allows, by means of a single potentiometer, to adjust the daily injection time.

Very practical, it can be hooked and unhooked at will from the support collar, thus facilitating your access and your adjustments.

From now on, the injection hose and the temperature probe are integrated in a single clamp, making installation easier. This clamp is suitable for both temperature and pH probes and adapts to the diameter of your pipes (50 or 63 mm).

Fully automated, the BIO-UV TEMPO controls the duration of daily injections of remanent (BIO-UV oxygen remanent exclusive formula) according to the water temperature, guaranteeing you always healthy and clear water. Finally, in perfect respect of the environment, the BIO-UV TEMPO dosing pump contains an electronic card without lead or mercury.

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