fountain water treatment

UV disinfection of fountain water

A healthy water disinfection process, without the addition of harmful products or chemicals.

uv treatment of fountain water

Ultraviolet treatment technology for fountain water

UV-C treatment guarantees bacteriological water quality in the respect of fauna and flora while avoiding the development of pathogenic diseases.

The UV-C reactors located on the filtration circuits continuously treat the water at each passage: all micro-organisms are thus eradicated without any chemical input.

ultraviolet treatment of fountain water

The benefits of UV-C fountain treatment

  • A proven and tested method with no added chemicals.
  • A range of UV products adapted to the flow rates to be treated.
  • An easy and quick installation with simplified maintenance.
  • An ecological process with no harmful action on the water balance.
  • Non-toxic in case of accidental ingestion, nor unwanted side effects.
  • Assurance to keep a safe environment in the respect of fauna and flora.

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