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A handy & light product to disinfect all surfaces (desks, counters, tables, chairs...)

Developed by BIO-UV Group, the BIO-SCAN Light range is an innovative 100% French system that allows to disinfect any surface thanks to ultraviolet rays (UV-C). Easy to use, very handy, this product allows to treat in just a few seconds all types of surfaces (small and medium surfaces, equipment, utensils, objects, etc…) to avoid any risk of contamination and infection.

Applications of BIO-SCAN Light

A surface disinfection concept for multiple uses and industries:

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A certified process & proven effectiveness

  • An innovative and manageable system

    • A practical and complete concept including a carrying case with thermoformed foam, an electrical box with hour meter, the various power cords, 1 mask and a pair of protective gloves. Optional transport cart (BIO-SCAN Mobile).
    • An ergonomic and easy-to-use solution thanks to its adjustable handle.
  • A product designed and manufactured in France

    • In compliance with the NF T72-281 AFNOR standard.
    • Tested by 2 independent laboratories and certified 99.999% effective on bacteria and 99.99% effective on viruses, including Covid-19.
  • An economic system

    • A very reasonable purchase price for a quick payback.
    • The best efficiency/cost ratio on the market for surface disinfection.
  • No use of chemicals

    • An environmentally friendly disinfection.
    • No side effects, no health risks.
surface disinfection with bio-scan light

BIO-SCAN Light product sheet

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