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Surface disinfection: the case of the city of Lunel

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The re-containment, introduced in France on 29 October 2020 to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, only reinforces the measures taken by municipalities to protect their citizens, particularly schoolchildren, college students and high school students who continue their classroom teaching but are not spared by the virus. The discovery of a case in a school in the town of Lunel (Hérault) forced the school to close its doors to the 162 children attending in mid-October.

To ensure the best possible hygiene for pupils, teaching staff and agents, the town of Lunel decided, at the end of October 2020, to trust the expertise of BIO-UV Group to disinfect its schools with ultraviolet light and thus eliminate any risk of contamination.

100% of Lunel schools disinfected with UV to eradicate bacteria and viruses

100% des écoles de Lunel désinfectées aux UV avec BIO-SCAN100% des écoles de Lunel désinfectées aux UV avec BIO-SCAN

In addition to the strict health protocol already in place in schools, the municipality has ordered 13 BIO-SCAN Light to disinfect its classrooms.

“I wanted the city of Lunel to invest for the safety of our children, teachers and all municipal staff,” said the Mayor of Lunel, Pierre Soujol, on his Twitter account. “From now on, our schools will be disinfected every week with these mobile devices, approved by the CNRS. This service will also be deployed in our nurseries and other buildings open to the public in order to fight effectively against viruses and bacteria,” he said.

“The management of viruses and bacteria is one of our top priorities in our schools. With this device, we will also act against flu, gastro since it is 99.99% of viruses and bacteria that are eliminated. This is reassuring for parents, teachers, children and our municipal staff,” completes Sonia Mokaddem, Deputy for Education.

Practical and lightweight, BIO-SCAN disinfects a classroom without chemicals in just 15 minutes!

100% des écoles de Lunel désinfectées aux UV avec BIO-SCAN

With a slow and steady pass of the BIO-SCAN Light over surfaces (tables, desks, chairs, etc.), staff will be able to disinfect a classroom in about 15 minutes and eradicate viruses and bacteria at 99.99%, including the SARS-CoV-2 responsible for the coronavirus.
Tested in two independent laboratories, BIO-SCAN Light, like the complete range of ultraviolet surface disinfection offered by BIO-UV Group, is certified according to the French AFNOR NF T72-281 standard for airborne surface disinfection.

“To have such a technology invented in Lunel that ensures us a saving of time and a safe disinfection against Covid-19, we should not have been deprived of it!” underlines Pierre Soujol on the official website of the city of Lunel.

BIO-UV trained teams to disinfect classrooms

Although the disinfection process is simple, it is important to make new users aware of ultraviolet light. The municipal staff has therefore been trained in the use of this new device.

“UV-C radiation must not come into contact with the eyes, nor with the skin,” reminds Benoit Gillmann, President of BIO-UV Group.

In these uncertain times, the Mayor of Lunel would even like to go further by proposing to the Mayors of the communes of the Community of Communes of the Pays de L’Or that the BIO-SCAN be made available to them so that they in turn can act for their constituents.

“As President of the Communauté de Communes, I have proposed to the Mayors to have them for their schools. We must all act at our level to fight effectively against this virus.” (Pierre Soujol)

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