The best concept for water disinfection


The O’Clear® UV treatment guarantees high-performance disinfection with every pass.
Remanence in the pool is ensured thanks to specific electrodes designed to work with the O’Clear® UV treatment and only 0.5 g/litre of salt.
The disinfection system is controlled by filtration.

The result: perfectly pure, clean water.


  • Perfectly disinfected (UV) and disinfecting water (salt at only 0.5 g/litre)

  • Just one bag of salt is enough (instead of 7 to 10 with conventional electrolysis for a 50 m3 swimming pool)

  • Fully automatic Plug & Play system

  • Easy to install and use

  • Requires very little cleaning and maintenance

  • Perfectly safe for swimmers

  • Comfort and softness of clean, crystal-clear water

  • No risk of allergy

  • No chlorine smell, no taste of salt

  • Reduced risk of corrosion

  • Compatible with all pool types (excluding the stainless steel pool), including pools with covers

  • Guaranteed treatment reliability and efficiency

Technical characteristics

Avantages O’Clear Elite

O’Clear 25
O’Clear 15
O’Clear electrical box
pH Regul (optional)
O’Clear Elite electrical box


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