UV-C water treatment for aquariums, zoos and ocean parks

Ensure the proper development of fauna and flora with clean water

Operating principles of ultraviolet water treatment

In order to avoid the proliferation of algae or the development of diseases due to poor water quality, BIO-UV Group provides owners of freshwater or saltwater ponds with effective water treatment systems using UV-C lamps designed to clarify the water and reproduce the ecosystem of biological environments as much as possible.
This treatment guarantees bacteriological quality of the water while respecting the fauna and flora and avoiding the development of pathogenic diseases.

No harmful products are used: it is a natural treatment that clarifies the water by destroying algae and is easily adapted to existing installations.

The advantages of a UV-C treatment for aquariums

  • Ecological for a sustainable development

    • A healthy disinfection process without the addition of harmful or chemical products.
    • Absolute respect for the fauna and flora.
    • Perfect water quality without the proliferation of algae or pathogenic micro-organisms.

  • Economical: a secure, reliable and simple concept

    • UV-C treatment equipment adapted to the flow rates to be treated.
    • Permanent follow-up for professionals.
    • Easy and quick installation and maintenance.
  • Consideration of water turbidity

    • Assurance of efficiency for the passage of UV-C radiation.
    • Power in millijoules offering real efficiency until the end of the life of the UV-C lamps.
    • Total destruction of unwanted micro-organisms.

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