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A practical and secure box to disinfect all small objects and accessories in a few seconds using UV light.

With BIO-SCAN Cube, disinfect with ultraviolet light all your small objects to give confidence and assurance to your customers and your staff

BIO-SCAN Cube uses the ultraviolet treatment (UV-C) process to disinfect in 45 seconds all objects and accessories useful to your activity and in complete safety: destruction of at least 99.99% of microorganisms, bacteria and viruses (including SARS-COV-2 responsible for the Coronavirus).
No chemicals are used and the disinfection does not degrade the environment or your objects including electronic devices (cell phones, smart cards, etc…).


The applications of BIO-SCAN Cube include several sectors of activity

  • Healthcare professionals: medical offices, private physicians, hospital clinics, EPHAD, veterinary clinics, etc.
  • Traders: opticians, phone stores, jewelry stores, perfume stores, hair salons, hoteliers, etc.
  • Car rental/lending companies

Various objects can be disinfected with this new UV disinfection system:


Discover the benefits of BIO-SCAN Cube

  • No use of chemicals

    • Safe for health and the environment.
    • No side effects.
    • No deterioration on your electronic devices.
  • Product designed and manufactured in France

    • Complies with AFNOR NF T72-281.
    • Tested by 2 independent laboratories and certified 99.999% effective on bacteria and 99.99% effective on viruses, including Covid-19.
  • An efficient mobile system

    • Powered via a wall outlet.
    • A disinfection time of 45 seconds.
    • A touch screen that displays the counter of the number of cycles.
  • An economical device

    • A very reasonable acquisition price for a quick amortization.
    • A life time of 3000 cycles.
disinfection of small objects with BIO-SCAN Cube

BIO-SCAN Cube product sheet

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