triogen® PPO₃

Ozone Made Simple

The triogen® PPO3 range is the newest generation of positive pressure Ozone from BIO-UV Group. The generators incorporate the triogen® PPO3 Ozone production modules, state-of-the-art communications and connectivity, together with advanced safety and operational features. The Ozone generators are available in two different control configurations, alongside a range of sized and specified ancillaries as well as a complete turn-key system including feedgas and Ozone injection.

PPO3-Flex triogen


  • Efficient production of Ozone at high concentration

  • Simple to install and operate

  • Cost effective and reliable performance

  • Variable, easily adjustable Ozone output

  • Modern communications & networking

  • Advanced safety & operability features

  • Available in multiple configurations to suit requirements

Technical features

  • Corona discharge Ozone generation capable of up to 1.2 kg O3/h variable Ozone production at up to 12 wt% concentration
  • HMI Touch screen and PLC offer local, remote analogue, and remote digital controls – as well as cutting edge Ozone yield and concentration matrix, power trending, and OPEX calculator
  • Available in two different versions to suit requirements – the flagship PPO3 (local, remote analogue, and remote digital controls with yield/concentration matrix and OPEX calculator/ trending) and PPO3-Lite (local & remote analogue controls)
  • Also available in a complete skid-mounted, turn-key system with booster pump and injection manifold – PPO3-Flex
  • Oxygen (90-99 wt%) or dry air feedgas
  • Water cooled, Positive Pressure Ozone
  • Optional SMS alerts
PPO3-2 triogen
PPO₃ – 2
PPO3-4 triogen
PPO₃ – 4
PPO3-Flex triogen
PPO₃ Flex


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