O'Clear® Tempo

Salt electrolysis as a complement to UV water treatment


In order to complete the ultraviolet disinfection of ponds, BIO-UV Group has developed an O’Clear® Tempo Elite electrolyser to ensure the persistence of the treatment and the regulation of the pH. Thanks to specific electrodes, specially designed to adapt to BIO-UV Neo and Delta UV reactors, this electrolyser works at very low salinity.

The result: perfectly pure and healthy water.


  • 100% automatic Plug & Play system
  • Disinfected and disinfecting water without the addition of chemicals (salt at only 0.5 g/litre)
  • Only one bag of salt is needed (instead of 7 to 10 for a conventional electrolysis for a 50 m3 pool).
  • Works only in addition to an existing UV treatment
  • Low maintenance and upkeep
  • Comfort and softness of a healthy and crystal clear water
  • Reduced risk of allergies
  • No chlorine smell or salt taste
  • Reduced risk of corrosion
  • Compatible with all types of pools (except stainless steel) and suitable for pools with covers

Technical features

  • Can be configured in SLEEP mode for optimised hybrid processing
  • Specific configuration with a variable flow pump (24/24h mode)
  • Automatic protection of the cell by conductivity measurement
  • Reverse polarity on the electrodes, adjustable according to the water quality
  • Vessel inlet/outlet connection with union fittings supplied
  • Flow sensor included
  • Configurable shutter mode
  • “Pool Terre” option available

Benefits of O’Clear Tempo Elite

  • Temperature sensor to switch off electrolysis if below 15°C
  • Integrated pH control
  • Simplified calibration of the pH probe
pH control (optional)
O’Clear Tempo Elite electrical box


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