Drinking water treatment UV_BMP

Advantages of BIO-UV BMP for automatic UV treatment of municipal water

  • 316L passivated and bead blasted stainless steel reactor
  • Connection: flange
  • 100% draining
  • High quality of manufacture and high performance in disinfection
  • Flame sterilizable sampling valves, upstream and downstream (standard for the devices > 30m3/h)
  • Use of medium pressure lamps to guarantee performance regardless of water temperature
  • Dedicated electronic ballasts guarantee maximum UV efficiency of the lamps and integrated control
  • UV control sensor in accordance with the Austrian ÖNORM standard to ensure continuous operation of the reactor
  • Customization of the reactors according to the installation, operation and maintenance constraints
  • Patented sealing system for easy maintenance
  • Lamp life of between 9,000 and 16,000 hours
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