• 2 February 2021

Kempinski hotel frankfurt implements uv-c technology to fight covid-19

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Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt is the first hotel in Europe to use UV-C for surface disinfection and antimicrobial coating (produce by british company Vitec Microgenix Ltd) to keep disinfected areas free from bacteria and viruses.

This two technologies offer to employees and guests the highest possible protection against SARS-CoV-2 and the illness COVID-19 caused by it in their rooms and suites, public areas.

Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt is working together with BIO-UV Group

Karina Ansos, General Manager : “As our owner and the Kempinski Frankfurt management understand it, luxury has an all-new meaning today: Five-star hotels have to invest in protecting the health of their guests and employees. We are very proud to fulfil this expectation. We had been speaking to a variety of manufacturers since the start of the pandemic in mid-March 2020; in the end, we decided to work with the BIO-UV Group and Vitec Microgenix Ltd. We started by testing six rooms in the autumn. They were available for guest bookings, and weekly smears were taken for delivery to an independent laboratory in England. The results ultimately convinced us to work with these two companies”



KEMPINSKI HOTEL FRANKFURT IS USING A BIO SCANKempinski Hotel Frankfurt is using a BIO-SCAN 3D device to disinfect guestrooms, corridors, conference and office rooms, ballrooms, restaurants, the wellness area and the fitness studio. BIO-SCAN 3D eliminates 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2.

Patrick Lurati, Sales Director of Surface Treatment at the BIO-UV Group : “Disinfection using UV-C rays is completely chemical-free and totally harmless to health and the environment, and independent laboratories in France have confirmed that it is efficient. This process is even used in hospitals.”

Areas where the short-wave light cannot easily reach due to unfavourable radiation angles are also treated using BIO-SCAN Light. The handheld device is suitable for small areas and objects, such as the TV remote control, the telephone, the minibar and the safe. Complete disinfection of a standard guestroom sized 35 sq m takes around 15 minutes; 136 of the 225 guestrooms and suites have already been disinfected.

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