• 14 July 2022

Interview with BIO-UV Group

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BIO-UV Group is a specialist in chemical-free water and surface treatment solutions. French-based and founded in 2000, BIO-UV Group designs, manufactures and markets ultraviolet, Ozone, salt electrolysis and AOP (advanced oxidation process) disinfection systems.

With a consolidated turnover of 44,3M € in 2021, 150+ employees and over 50% of sales being achieved abroad, BIO-UV Group is a global player with a worldwide presence through a wide distribution network. Since 2018, BIO-UV Group is listed on Euronext Growth, Paris Stock exchange.

Thanks to its expertise in water treatment, BIO-UV Group has expanded its brand portfolio to include:

BIO-UV: The principle is simple; the sun emits invisible light – ultraviolet light. At the wavelength 254nm, the UV-C penetrates the heart of the DNA and eradicates micro-organism (virus, bacteria, algae, yeasts, mould, including Legionella, Cryptosporidium, Giardia and Toxoplasma that are hardly destroyed by ozone and not at all by chlorine at standard doses), breaking up cell metabolism until they are completely   destroyed. Thus, all germs are deactivated and cannot reproduce. Inspired by nature, this natural phenomenon is reproduced inside the BIO-UV Group’s reactors using powerful lamps, a leading-edge technology, producing UV-C rays. 

BIO-SEA: turnkey ballast water treatment system for ship tanks combining mechanical filtration and UV-C disinfection.

triogen® (acquisition in 2019 from Suez): Ozone, UV and advanced oxidation disinfection technology for the industry, aquaculture and public pools.

Akeron (acquisition in 2021): ranges of systems for treating, regulating and heating swimming pool water on the residential market using Salt electrolysis.

BIO-SCAN: a complete range of UV -C based surface disinfection systems.

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