• 24 August 2022

BIO-UV Group, A Long-Standing Commitment To The Reuse Of Wastewater » PACA’s Economic And Political Newsletter

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Committed to this subject for more than 20 years, the SME BIO-UV Group, leader in UV disinfection in France, has taken the lead with the development of technological solutions already proven in the field, in the world and in France.

“REUSE is our fight for the preservation of water resources and we have the solutions!”

Benoit Gillmann, CEO of BIO-UV Group

In a context of repeated heat waves that undermine water resources, the reuse of wastewater (REUSE) is a major challenge for our daily lives in the years to come. These solutions, adapted to specific uses (watering crops, green spaces, or cleaning sidewalks, etc.) will in the future enable the delivery of a sufficient quantity of water to meet the needs of populations, farmers and industrialists.

Treat waste water with ultraviolet radiation to reuse it!

As part of a REUSE project, the treatment of wastewater by type C ultraviolet rays (UV-C) makes it possible to obtain water that complies with regulations, without the addition of chemicals. Rather than being discharged directly into the natural environment, wastewater will undergo a UV disinfection stage by eliminating micro pathogenic organisms. By directly attacking the cells of viruses and bacteria present in the water, the UV-C reactors designed by BIO-UV Group disinfect this water without endangering human health and deliver VITAL water quality for reuse. in agriculture, by public authorities or in industry. Once treated by BIO-UV Group’s disinfection systems, this water complies with regulations and can be recycled for applications that require high water consumption such as crop irrigation in agriculture, car washing , the watering of green spaces and golf courses.

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