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Water treatment expertise

BIO-UV Group, specialist in UV, Ozone, AOP, and Salt Electrolysis technologies

Water treatment for private pools and spas and public pools and spas, with specially designed solutions for optimal bathing comfort while taking care of the health of bathers.

➔ BIO-UV Group has also developed innovative solutions that respect the fauna and flora for aquaculture, fish farming, ponds and aquariums.

➔ Aware of today’s environmental issues, especially in the industrial sector, we have developed a range of systems to treat wastewater and reuse it in the agricultural field.

➔ Our UV-C technology can also be used to treat water for drinking purposes. While respecting the environment, our solutions provide quality water, perfectly disinfected and without any danger to human health.

BIO-SEA by BIO-UV is a complete line of ship ballast water treatment that combines mechanical filtration and UV-C disinfection without any chemical treatment.

➔ The company’s BIO-SCAN range which is capable of eradicating and inactivating all viruses and bacteria from treated surfaces and objects in seconds.

Private pool
Collective pool and water park
Aquarium and ocean Park
Drinking water
Industrial process water treatment
Industrial water
traitement eau de ballast
Ballast water
reuse of treated wastewater -ultraviolet
Reuse of treated wastewater
Surface disinfection
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